Our Business

Web marketing support on the field of cosmetics and fashion

Providing promotional support (HP, Facebook, Instagram) for domestic brand owners (Cosmetics/Fashion) interested in oversea expansion. We will be able to provide personal consultant for your company with a monthly fee of 50,000 Yen.

Management reservation system for marketing assistance and App development

At the base of the success of any company lies a foundations of marketing system. Our company will be able to provide business innovation with our management system while giving full support for App development for customer recruitment.

Past Achievement
Development and operation of Web reservation system used by over 200 domestic shops
WEB media development and operation targeting Japanese customers residing in Southeast Asia
Collaborative Project with Major Company (Think Tank)
Promotional support for Domestic massage, salon stores

We aim to support the field of web marketing for cosmetics and fashion owners while  becoming the closest “strategic partner” for our client to help both launch and system development.

③Deployment of oversea services in Japan

Our management teams are often inquired regarding support of deployment of oversea services in Japan. We will be able to support companies eager to deploy their oversea services in Japan but missed their opportunities due to big hurdle.

Past Achievement
Operating as Japan PR team for #1 Cosmetics site in Myanmar「First Class」(Business partnership to develop promotion menu for Japanese companies)

④Hospitality Management Consultancy

With proven techniques, our consultant will help you analyze your hospitality management while proposing an improved method and apparatus (experienced staff) to support your local management and guidance. In addition, we will offer our WEB “reservation system” which will help expand your marketing strategies and strengthening the rate of attracting customers.


⑤Early Installation Support for Payment System

With an improvement in online payment, great number of payment system have been developed in the recent years. Our management system will be able to provide package plan for “payment system” while supporting to input “online payment system” if  requested.


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