Checkin Quesstionare/签入问卷/질문지 조사/チェックイン情報提出

HG Cozy Hotel is legal unattended accommodation with all property permission./HGcozy酒店是一家合法无人居住的酒店,并已获得所有许可。/HG Cozy Hotel은 전체 부동산의 허가를받은 합법적 인 무인 숙박 시설입니다./HGcozyホテルは全物件合法の無人宿泊施設です。
It is mandatory to submit a passport when staying in a Japanese Unattended accommodation./入住日本无人值守的住宿时必须提交护照/일본의 무인 숙박 시설에 머물 때 여권을 제출하십시오./宿泊施設滞在の際には、免許証(または保険証)をご提出いただいております。

Reference/例如/예를 들어/参考

It has been established in the laws of Japan/这是由日本法律规定的/일본의 법률로 정해져 있습니다/法律により定められております

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare HP/厚生労働省ホームページ

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We will send you a check-in guide after submission/提交后我们会向您发送入住手续指南/제출 후 체크인 안내를 보내 드리겠습니다./ご提出後チェックインガイドをお送りいたします。
SPIKE OUT JAPAN is a customer center of HG Cozy Hotels.
Please feel free to contact our Operation Center(9:00-24:00 is available)


SPIKE OUT JAPAN은 HG Cozy Hotels의 고객 센터입니다.
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SPIKE OUT JAPANは、HG Cozy Hotelsのカスタマーセンターです。

CustomerSupport/顾客支援/고객 지원/カスタマーサポート
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