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(February 2018) Hosting Cosmetics, Beauty event in Yangon!

■First Class Collection2018
Known for its popular startup destination of Japanese companies, Thilawa Special Economic zone in Myanmar are expanded rapidly by the entry of Japanese government and Private enterprises. With such popularity, cosmetics& Beauty event will be hosted for the first time in the economic city of Myanmar where young group of people resides. This premium event will be hosted with startup cosmetic&beauty brand owners while targeting domestic women  in this famous city.

■Event Outline:
Hosted in  central part of Yangon, where latest trends are gathered; Junction City Main Hall

February 11th, 2018 Sunday 9:00-21:00

Promotion Hall Main Atrium @Junction City
1F (2,655 Sqft)

Entrance Fee:
Free entrance

■Scheduled exhibitors
Coming Soon..

■Company profile
Location: Tokyo Minatoku Aoyama 3-6-7 Aoyama Palacio Tower 11th Floor CEO:Nakagome Yuko

■Inquiry regarding News release
Inquiry contact::SPIKEOUTJAPAN.INC
Public Relations: 050-6864-5161

Please feel free to contact our person in charge of public relation if you have any questions or concern regarding this event. In addition, we will be welcoming attendance and interview coverage on the day of the event if requested.All required information will be provided by our team if contacted.

■First Class (What is First Class?)

Founded in 2016, it has become a #1 popular beauty site for young women in Myanmar with over 200,000 followers on Facebook. The contents include makeup, fitness, fashion and cooking while covering topics based on the field of beauty. With Myanmar popular with unique promotional video contents, SPIKEOUTJPAN.INC has been helping them release Japanese popular cosmetic&beauty promotional videos while being in charge of Japanese information desk for this special event day.




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